Back the Bend 2022

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Back the Bend 2022 is the 11th time that the University of Notre Dame has partnered with the South Bend community and other local colleges and universities to conduct a day of services. In its best year, over 600 volunteers participated in this day of service.

We believe it is everyone’s place to contribute to and meet members our community. Our slogan, “Together, It’s Our Place,” speaks to this belief and emphasizes the importance of collective action to build and maintain a flourishing community. This necessitates more than one day of service, but in coming together to accomplish meaningful projects, we strive to encourage relationships and partnerships that last far beyond this single day.

Community partners involved in providing volunteer projects for Back the Bend 2022 include the Robinson Community Learning Center, Real Services, South Bend Venues, Parks, and Arts, Unity Gardens, and various others. 

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