Back the Bend

Back the Bend is on Saturday, April 14th

Mulching around homes to prevent lead exposure

Help rehabilitate the homes of low-income homeowners and improve neighborhoods

Mulching, ground prep, transferring plants, laying bricks, and more

Interior demolition of interior walls, flooring and fixtures to ready house for future restoration

Help paint the inside of the Historic Mills House

Help restore the Robinson Community Learning Center’s signature murals!

Help prepare the gardens for Spring planting

Painting the shutters and doors on the historic building that is part of the amphitheater

Prepare the park for Arbor Day!

Students will help clean up areas of Bowman Creek – a tributary of the St. Joseph River that runs through the Southeast Neighborhood.

Paint fire hydrants around the City of South Bend

Install storm drain labels around the City of South Bend

Enjoy a one on one experience with a homebound senior

Painting yellow caution paint in Downtown South Bend parking garages

Remove unused bricks that are piled around the exterior of the Century Center building

Weed, rake, and clean the community garden to prepare it for Spring!

Work with professionals to repair the exterior of a home