Retention Area Beautification


Sponsored by City of South Bend

Location: Brownfield Park (W Angela Blvd & Riverside Drive)

In 2012, the City of South Bend constructed a new roundabout at the intersection of Riverside and Angela, as well as completed a large storm sewer separation project in that area. The retention area and outfall built for this project has a 90” storm sewer pipe that drains to it, which is sized to receive future storm separation projects that will help to alleviate the load on the City’s combined sewer system. This retention area and outfall helps to improve the water quality going into the St. Joseph River, and was built both as a neighborhood beautification feature and a water quality measure to daylight the water for aeration and sediment settling. Students will help clean up trash and clear brush along the basin and channel area.
Dress Specifications: Closed Toed shoes, long pants.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 10