Kennedy Park Neighborhood Association Clean-Up


Sponsored by City of South Bend

Location: KPNA Building (1906 Linden Avenue)

In August 2018, Kennedy Park Neighborhood Association (KPNA) members went door-to-door to ask neighbors what they want for the Kennedy Park neighborhood. The neighborhood then held a vision session where the top seven objectives were identified and assigned to a committee, which is working on ideas for how to achieve these goals in 2019. Two of the top goals that were identified were to reduce trash and clutter in Kennedy Park to encourage residents’ pride in and respect for the neighborhood, and to build relationships with City departments and leaders. The KPNA is partnering with City of South Bend Code Enforcement with the goal of cleaning up clutter in 25 blocks of the neighborhood. Volunteers will help the neighbors to clean up litter from the streets, sidewalks, and alleys in order to help kick-start the KPNA goals.
Dress Specifications: Closed Toed shoes, long pants.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 20+