Intersection Art Installation – Notre Dame & South Bend Avenues

Sponsored by City of South Bend


Location:  Meet at Intersection of Notre Dame Avenue and South Bend Avenue

Traffic calming is the combination of physical measures that reduce negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior, and improve conditions for pedestrians. The goal is to create safer roads and increase the quality of life for the neighborhoods in South Bend. The City of South Bend’s Public Works Department plans to convert the Notre Dame and South Bend Avenues intersection into a four-way stop and adding bump outs to reduce pedestrian crossing distances. Prior to the installation of this permanent traffic calming measure, the City will be installing temporary rubber curbing bump-outs, a 4-way stop and art elements to bring attention to the new traffic control. Volunteers will paint the art installation in the intersection which will be present until the permanent measure is installed.

Project requires long pants and closed toed shoes.

Number of Volunteers Needed:  10-15